Welcome to ASL Seniors

ASL Seniors offer a varieties of classes for retired individuals who have more leisure time. Activities add purpose to life, which is very important for seniors and our aim is to encourage them to live an active life and allowing aging adults to explore the adventures life has to offer physically, mentally, and socially.


Improv Class

- In this class, participants will learhow to create stories and characters in the moment through playing improv games and doing varieties of exercises including warm-up exercise, physical activities, scene-work, etc. The class is about having fun, being creative, and working together.

Drama Class

- Through class discussions and readings, participants will engage in acting. They will apply these exercises to pieces of text that they will memorize and perform in front of their classmates with feedback from the instructors. Participants will enhance their imagination, observation and concentration skills. There will be some text memorization, class rehearsal with peers, and practicing at home. No previous acting experience is necessary.

Painting Class

- Participants will be introduced to water pastels and watercolor. Through learning to draw still life objects around them, they will have the opportunity to learn watercolor blending and shading techniques. Participants will also be introduced to landscape painting using tempura paints and will learn the basic of perspective. Instructors will cover techniques for blending paints. They will also have a chance to work on the details of their art using the small surface area of a rock which allow them to be creative in their design.

Magic & Trick

- If you like Magic it’s even better when you can do it yourself! Magic is a great ice breaker and can be used to entertain adults and children alike. This introductory course and will cover: cards, coins, ropes, utilize basic household items and some classics of magic.


- Yoga is for everyone, including seniors. Yoga helps bring together positive health and mental wellness. Physically, it helps improve strength, flexibility, energy, and balance. Yoga practice has proven to be positively correlated with stress reduction, enhance mood and overall sense of well-being. Remember, its never too late to discover yoga.


- Teachers will instruct a variety of mediums, dependent upon the lesson schedules for each class. Among the various crafting activities are rock painting, paper mache, and utilizing various materials such as buttons, feathers, shell, etc., to create art unique to each student. The use of multiple mediums, textures, and methods in a mixed mediums setting helps aid in strengthening motor skills and maximizing creativity.