Our Mission

The mission of After School Life is to provide a safe, supervised and fun after school enrichment and recreation programs for elementary school children ages 5 to 12 in Santa Clara county. The classes we offer include: Art (Drawing), Cookie Decoration, Creative Dance, Creative Writing, Digital Photography, Homework Center/Tutoring, Zumba for kids, Family Zumba, Hip-Hop/Modern Dance, Self Defense Women and much more...

Classes are held at the school or at the center. Classes are offered in the form of sessions. The sessions are usually 6 to 10 weeks. Classes meet once a week. For some classes, there is also an option to have a performance for the parents at the end of the session.

About Us

After School Life is a non profit organization created to address the lack of adequate after school enrichment programs in the Santa Clara county. Research and experience shows that children who participate in after school programs develop better social skills than average students and improve test scores in school. The advantages of our programs:

  • $2m liability insurance
  • Make it convenient and cost effective for all parents who want to provide opportunities for children to experience different activities
  • Help parents who work and do not have time to drive children around
  • Help children to enjoy and learn different activities in the environment that they are familiar with and with their fellow students and classmates
  • All of our teachers are experts and professionals who have many years of experience working with children
Our programs are reasonably priced