3D Pen Doodling

In this class, students will get the chance to unleash their creativity while learning about one of the newest and most innovative pieces fo tech: the 3D pen. This is where art and technology collide - drawings on paper instantly spring to life, and 3D structures can be drawn in the air. Whatever enters a student's imagination can be created if they put their mind (and pen!) to it


In this workshop students will learn step by step how to draw some of their favorite characters and animals by combining very simple shapes and lines together into an amazingly good result. In each lesson students will learn to express themselves through different techniques and progress through each stage of the drawing until they have a finished piece truly worthy of hanging on your fridge or on your wall.



Clay Sculpting

In this class, students will experience clay sculpting and how to build a 3D model one shape at a time with the help of a skilled instructor using soft, air dry clay. Paint your figure using tempera paints to finish your masterpiece.

Cookie Decoration

Cookie Decoration is a one session class in which students will learn the art of cookie design and decoration and will bring home 3 pieces of artfully decorated cookies.

Creative Dance/Choreography

The Creative Choreography dance class will focus on the art of storytelling and emotion through dance. Also included will be stretching, cardio, and improvisation. All levels welcome. This class promises to be fun as well as a growing experience for anyone interested in dance.

Creative Writing

There are two workshops focus mainly on creative writing skills for grades 1-2 as well as on academic writing skills for grades 3-5. In these workshops, students are given the opportunity to express themselves freely through a wide range of vocabulary games and writing exercises. Older students will also practice writing expository, narrative, and argument essays as part of their curriculum through an innovative, engaging pedagogy that encourages creativity and originality in self expression. By the end of a six-week session, students will be able to recognize and produce beginnings, endings, and climactic middles of stories. In grades 3-5, this will be paralleled with introductions, conclusions, and supporting paragraphs of academic essays.

Digital Photography

Students will focus on Digital camera equipment, camera basics, taking photos, concept of light & flash. Students will take photos for assignments during class and outside of class. The instructor will take 5 of their best images and print them to have a final critique on the last day of class. Detailed agenda will be provided at the first day of the class.

Family Zumba

This is a fun exercise class which will provide the parents and children the opportunity to learn the basics of Latin dancing and music through exercise and fun. The purpose of this class is to address the lack of exercise due to the time and schedule issue that most of the parents have. Children of participating parents who are not participating will be supervised by After School Life staff while the class is in process.

Modern/ Hip Hop

This is a great fun/exercise class. It will have students jumping, turning, spinning and moving forwards and backwards. This is the best class for students to get their exercise and dance techniques while having fun.

Scratch Coding

Scratch, a programming language created by MIT and sponsored by Google, helps young coders learn coding logic including ‘loops’, ‘variables’, ‘if/else statements’, and much more. Through Scratch, students create music videos, games, stories, and interactive software using their creativity. They will independently create characters, game rules, and more entirely using code and their imagination. Computers are provided.

Self Defense

Self Defense classes help students with balance, coordination, focus, discipline and respect. In this 6 week class each student will be taught basic stances, blocks, kicks, punches and self-defense techniques that will help them stay safe. In this fun and safe environment we will also help the students with awareness of your surroundings, reacting in a dangerous situation instead of freezing. This class is offered for children and adult.



Soccer 3rd-5th

Soccer for kids

Soccer k-2nd

Soccer for kids

Website Design

In this workshop students will learn step by step how to create a website using our templets. Students will get the chance to unleash their creativity while learning about one of the most innovative pieces of tech: Web Design. In this work shop, students will focus on web design basics, creating a website, adding and editing pictures and text, linking pages together (navigation bar).  Students will be them prepared for more advance courses.  Classes are held in school and all the necessary equipments are provided.

Zumba for kids

Zumba for kids program has been in the works since the inception of Zumba. Young dancers are given the opportunity to get into fabulous, kidtastic shape through repetition, great music, cool lyrics and fun! This is a 45 minutes class which starts with a warm up and then moves from song to song.